The Beach

For the past two summers, we have made a point to head to Terry Andrae State Park at least once a year. Living right on Lake Michigan, a good 15 minutes from the water, we never head to the beaches around here. The lake around Milwaukee is um….dirty, to say the least. But you head an hour north of the city? It’s beautiful.

Clean water and clean sand equals a perfect playground for a three-year old.

Riley spent most of his time at the beach doing this:

With the occasional belly flop onto the sand in a sure attempt to get sand into every single oriface in his body. And he succeeded.

Charlotte enjoyed her time at the beach as well. As much as a 5 week old baby could, I guess.

For her, the highlight of the day came when her diaper leaked so utterly horribly that MY pants were also covered in poop. I found poop on her elbow, people. It. Was. Bad. There’s nothing like squatting in the sand, trying to change a tiny infant’s diaper on a beach towel while sand blows and seagulls swoop down to see what’s in there. Not to mention the fact that I discovered said leaky diaper while nursing her. On the beach. A windy beach. Chances are good that I exposed myself to a group of teenage boys walking by. Free birth control! I figure I did a public service.

Anyway, we got the traditional Riley shot at the end of the day. (We couldn’t figure out how to prop Charlotte up on the sand, so I think we’ll start her shots next year.)

This year’s photo was much, much easier to snap than the last two years:

At least we got him to sit down this year.







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