A 3-Year Old Photographer

We recently let Riley play with our Nikon point and shoot camera and hoo boy, was it entertaining to see the world from his point of view. We got lots of photos (almost 400!), but most are of the floor, my feet, the TV or extreme close-ups of his face. Below are the highlights:

Hey! I was still pregnant. I would say this was at about 37 weeks preggers.

And a cameo from Daddy’s butt! This post was sponsored by Dickie’s. Not really.

Behold Riley’s pride and joy – Cranky the Crane.

This is actually a really good picture of Lola!

These days, most of my time is spent just like this. I’m glad our little man documented it.


Rainy day = artsy shot of our front yard through the window.

We’ve got about 20 shots just like this one. I’m just glad he didn’t have the flash on…

Goofy shot of Daddy burping the baby? Check.

The upside down photographer.

Why yes, I am intently reading Harry Potter while nursing. Is that weird?

Watching cartoons…

Little sis is not impressed.

Well I think he may have a career in photography, don’t you?












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