First Day of School

Dear Riley,

Today was your first day of school. We enrolled you in a K3 preschool program this year and you have been looking forward to it for months. Finally today was the big day and you couldn’t have been more excited for it.


I had to pack a little lunch for you. You carried a tiny backpack. When we got to your classroom, you were thrilled. Your teacher ushered you inside, subtly letting us parents know that she’d take it from there and we could go. Before you ran off, I hugged you tightly. You’re still so tiny. You were so excited to get into your classroom that poor Daddy didn’t even get a hug.

I’m so glad that I’m still on maternity leave and didn’t have to rush off to work after dropping you off. Instead, Daddy, Charlotte and I all came home. Daddy and I did some work in a house that was so, so, so quiet. It was really weird. We knew you were having a lot of fun, but I couldn’t stop thinking about you and wondering what you were doing right then. It’s so hard letting you go off and do your own thing. I know we raised you to be independent and smart, but it’s still so hard. I love you and want to be around you. But today was just the first small step towards you becoming your own person. But you will thrive, I know you will.

When I came back to school at noon to pick you up, you looked overwhelmed and tired. But you told me you had fun and got to play outside. You painted a picture that is currently hanging on the fridge and said you want to go back to school. All good things.

You never cease to amaze us, kiddo. Here’s to a great school year. Only 15 more years until you graduate highschool! Ha!





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