The End of Maternity Leave

How is it possible? I have to go to work tomorrow? Ten weeks passed by that quickly? I don’t believe it. But really, my last day at work was July 6. That was a loooong time ago when you think about it. So come tomorrow morning, we’ll be setting up a new routine. With me dropping Riley off at preschool, pumping at least twice a day while at work (ugh), coming home on lunch to feed Charlotte, and hopefully having enough hours in the day to make a healthy dinner at night and have some fun in the backyard with the family. That’s all I ask for.

Because I’m feeling nostalgic for the last ten weeks, here is a look at our family maternity leave in pictures.

It all started with the birth of this little girl. The painful, drug-free birth. I still can’t believe I did that.

If there’s one thing I know for sure, it’s that I will never, ever forget the look on Riley’s face when he met his sister for the first time. His eyes were wide with disbelief, wonder and pure, ultimate happiness. It was amazing.

A lot of my maternity leave was spent exactly like this. Not that I’m complaining. An added bonus? My left arm is ripped!

You gotta love baby #2. When she was 2 weeks old we ventured out to the zoo with her. And saw dinosaurs. At the zoo. Huh?

We went to the Wisconsin State Fair even though it was in the 90s. After walking around for about an hour, we were too hot to continue, so we headed home. But not before Riley and Daddy had a ride on the giant slide.

Every so often Riley asks to hold his sister. We prop her on a few pillows and I stand there with my hands inches away from them just to make sure. And when he holds her, things like this happen, unprompted. He’s smitten with his “little princess.”


And then our little girl turned one whopping month old. 


Her little tiny smiles (she’s almost always got one for Daddy and one for Riley) turned into big grins:


Poor girl is wearing her brother’s hand me down doggie jammies. Get used to it, kiddo!


She had her first boat ride at Grandma and Grandpa’s! However, with the drought we had this summer, the water was too low to actually leave the pier. We’re still calling it her first boat ride, though. And yes, she has a teeny tiny life jacket.


At our family reunion this summer she got to meet extended family and we took the first picture of us as a family of four (!!!!). Crazy.


One of my favorite moments of the summer – the beach! Even though Charlotte’s diaper exploded everywhere and I may have flashed some teenage boys while nursing her. It was still good.


One reason I”m thankful for the drought was that the 4th of July fireworks were postponed until Labor Day! And started at 8:00 so we could go to them and still get Riley home sort of near his bedtime. We loved it. There’s something about laying on a blanket in the dark during the summer. 


Labor Day in our backyard. In cute outfits. Have I mentioned I love dressing up a little girl?


And then Char Char Binks turned 2 months old and I started feeling the impending doom of heading back to work.I think my fondest memories of the day-to-day of my maternity leave were our daily walks to the playground. Usually it was just me and the kids (and our pup Lola) at the playground and we always had fun. I think this is one of the things I’ll miss the most.

Goodbye, maternity leave. Thank you for the best 10 weeks of my life.




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One response to “The End of Maternity Leave

  1. Barb

    Awwwww….look at your beautiful little family. I’m so sad for your maternity leave ending. It’s such a special time. Good luck tomorrow and I hope you get some sleep. 🙂

    Barb Greenwald

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