The Last 3 Weeks

Well, hello blog. Sorry for my absence. Being a full time working mother of two is hard, yo. This is my third week back at work and it’s been eventful.

Having your client come to town during your first week back at work after a 10-week hiatus is crazy. My first week included busy days and one late night out on the town with the client. My poor boobs almost exploded in downtown Milwaukee.

Speaking of, pumping at work sucks. I’m grateful that there’s a private room where I can do this, but really. Not enjoyable. I am able to come home on lunch and feed Charlotte (hallelujah!), but I’m still pumping twice a day at work. I just hate having to reschedule meetings and disappear for a while to do this. But I feel strongly that breastfeeding is important, so I will endure.

Again, speaking of, …two Saturdays ago. Ugh. Where do I begin. We woke up Saturday morning and I looked at Charlotte in her basinet next to our bed and noticed some brown on her jammies. I had gotten up to feed her twice during the night (yikes) but I didn’t notice anything strange. Except for some seriously bad nipple pain (sorry to any male readers). Then I realized, that brown on her jammies is blood mixed in with spit up. THAT’S NEVER GOOD.

I had a brief heart attack at the thought of my newborn baby spitting up blood. Then I had a realization. She wasn’t bleeding, I was. Apparently when you go from rarely pumping to pumping at least twice a day for 5 days, your nips don’t really like it. Ouch.

Since I couldn’t feed Charlotte while my nip healed, I had to pump and dump all weekend. Doesn’t that sound like a fun, wild weekend? Well it sure was! But it gets better!

In the midst of super duper sore nipples, Derek disconnecting our washer and dryer to drywall the laundry room, I got a cold. Yes! Because that’s what happens to me.

By Tuesday, I felt like death. So even though I was just off of work for 10 weeks and had only worked 6 days, I had to come home early and lay on the couch. However, children don’t really get the memo when you’re sick. Big whoop. Mommy’s sick? I should take a long nap? Nope!

My second weekend wasn’t much better. Still no laundry room while Derek tiled the floor in there. Oh, the laundry pile. It was epic.

And I think it may have been that laundry pile that morphed itself into the straw that broke the camel’s back. Me being the camel, of course. By Saturday night, I was spent. Would you like to know why? Well sit back. Here is a bulleted list:

  • The previous night, I was up every single hour with Charlotte while she experienced her first cold! Unbelievable! Riley never got sick until he was 9 months old. Again, thanks for bringing home those preschool germs, son! All night her poor nose was so stuffed up that she couldn’t breathe. Babies don’t know how to breathe out of their mouths, apparently. So all night she snorted and chortled and coughed. It was so sad.
  • Also, Friday night, Derek’s band played so he didn’t come home until 3 a.m. And Charlotte and I were up to greet him. He set up the humidifer for her and we all settled in for a nice four-hour stretch until Riley woke us up at 7.
  • For some odd reason, it took my handyman of a husband 8 hours to tile a tiny laundry room. Therefore, I was alone upstairs with the kids while he worked. All day. Have I mentioned I was sleep-deprived?
  • I had cleaned the house that day, gone grocery shopping and taken both kids to the farmer’s market. A relaxing weekend? Of course!
  • Again, by Saturday night, I was so completely fried that there was a 100% chance of mental breakdown. And that’s what happened. No one prepares you for how overwhelming it is to become a mom for the first time. And no one REALLY tells you how overwhelming it can be to have two children. And work full time. And still try to have your own identity.

The next day,  I took a long run and felt instantly better. I’ve written about it before, but running is so therapeutic for me. Derek and I have figured out a game plan so I can run at least 3 times a week. And suddenly, I feel more like myself.

And to end on a happy note, look at my beautiful children. I love them so much, that’s overwhelming.


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