4 Months!

Dear Charlotte,

Happy 4 Month Birthday, Sweet Girl!


This has been an exciting month. You’ve continued to weave your way into our hearts with your sweet, happy personality. You hardly cry, much preferring to smile.

The other day while we were giving you a bath, as Riley gently poured a cup of water over your legs, he turned to me and said, “Remember the other day when Charlotte wasn’t here yet?” He obviously doesn’t realize that it was 4 months ago that you werent here yet, but he doesn’t. What struck me was the way he said it. Not like he was longing for the days that he got both parents’ undivided attention 24/7. He was saying it like, “Wasn’t that weird?” You fit into our family so perfectly that yes, it is weird to remember the time before you were here.

The big news this month is that you can roll over! Woohoo! I mean, aw crap. Being a second time mom, I now know to celebrate the mobility milestones, but also dread them. The day will come when you don’t stay where I put you when I walk out of the room. The house will have to be uber baby-proofed just like it was for your brother. One day I will walk into the living room and go, “Where is the baby?” Only to find you probably around the side of the couch, eating a tuft of stray dog hair.

Your daddy and I are so, so, so looking forward to the holidays with you. I already have your Thanksgiving outfit picked out. A frilly dress with pink tulle underneath that Uncle Jerry and Aunt Ruth got you for your baptism. I also may have purchased you an irresistably cute dress in a size 2T. You can look forward to wearing that in two years. I know I’m looking forward to it! Have I mentioned I love picking out clothes for you? I think that goes without saying.

We love you, Girl-Girl!




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