Don’t tell anyone. I don’t want to jinx it, but our little Charlotte has been sleeping in her crib for the last four nights.

Since the day she was born, she’s been sleeping next to our bed in this:

It’s the Fisher Price Rock n’ Play Sleeper.

It worked great. I could give her a gentle rock or put her pacifier back in her mouth WITHOUT EVEN GETTING OUT OF BED. Hello, awesome! At her four month check up, the pediatrician said since Charlotte can now roll over, she better sleep in her crib or in a Pack and Play just in case she figures out how to sit up or roll out of the Rock n’ Play. I meant to get started on transitioning her in to her crib a month ago and for some reason, I never did.

It may be because she’s my last baby and I like looking over at her in the middle of the night and seeing her snoozing away. Or maybe it’s because she STILL isn’t technically sleeping through the night and it’s easier to pick her up and feed her in our bed rather than walking alllllll the way down the hall to her room to feed her in the wee hours of the morning. Mostly though, I think it’s because I belong to the mentality if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. Charlotte sleeping in our room had been working, so why stop?

Here’s why. I decided to look online to find out the weight capacity for the Rock ‘n Play. It’s like 25 pounds or something, so obviously, we’re good for a looooong time. But then I made the mistake of reading some of the reviews on Scary!

Almost every single review mentioned that the Rock ‘n Play causes babies to develop a flat head, some said their babies got torticollis, some needed physical therapy and some even needed to wear special helmets to help their heads develop.

Now, realistically, I don’t think that just one thing you do could potentially cause all these problems for your baby, but so many people posted comments about this that I couldn’t ignore it. And honestly, Charlotte DOES have a flat spot on her head. I thought it was because maybe we weren’t doing enough tummy time and we probably did more with Riley because he never had a flat head. Though, maybe the Rock ‘n Play has something to do with it. Who knows.

Either way, the girl had to get into her crib.

And KNOCK ON ALL THE WOOD AND ALL THE THINGS, it hasn’t been very bad. I put her in her crib around 10 and she usually fusses for a bit. Sometimes we need to go in and pop her pacifier back in her mouth. But then she usually sleeps til about 2:30, when again, we have to go in and pop her pacifier back in her mouth. Then she’s been waking up between 4 and 4:30 wanting to eat. I bring her in our bed, feed her, and then place her in the Rock ‘n Play where she sleeps for about 2 hours before she’s up and wanting to eat again, then is ready for her day.

No, it’s not absolutely perfect, but it’s been working this week. So this whole week, Derek and I have gone to bed in our room alone. For the first time in months. And when the dog got a horrible case of flatulence earlier this week, we left her sleeping out in the living room rather than killing us with her farts while she slept in our room. It was really nice actually sleeping just the two of us in one room. It’s the little things that make me happy, obviously.


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