2012 Photo Recap



Bun in the oven. About 14 weeks along. Big bro is thrilled. IMG_3433

Early 2012 began the big boy room transformation. He looks so tiny in his footie jammies.





The morning of his actual birthday, Riley enjoyed waffles and candles.




Riley stood up in his first wedding as the ring bearer in May. It was adorbs. And I was very pregnant and very tired.

IMG_4004My awesome Mother’s Day gift from my boys was this amazing garden in our backyard. Which Riley and I filled with vegetable plants.




Derek took a week-long trip with his buds out west to Colorado and Utah. And took amazing photos like this:

utahI survived as a pregnant, single mom. Score! I even got out of a speeding ticket because the cop didn’t want to “stress” me out and put me into labor. Double score!

IMG_4683In what would become the hottest summer on record, the boys camped in the backyard. And it was like, 90. And I slept in the glorious air-conditioned house. With the dog.

IMG_4715With just weeks to go before he became a big brother, we gave Riley the one toy he had begged for for ages. Cranky the Crane!

IMG_4634Before baby #2 arrived, Derek took Riley to swimming lessons every night for 2 weeks. Highly entertaining.



Ten days before going into labor, we saw one of our all time favorite bands, Foo Fighters. It was hot. I sat in the handicapped seating. Nuff said. IMG_4727Only 4 short days before giving birth, I sat at a 4th of July parade on the hottest day of the year. Toughest mom ever.

And then one of the happiest days of my life happened:






IMG_5260Shortly after becoming a big brother, Riley started preschool. He was juuuuuust a little excited. A ridiculous amount of colds ensued. And continue to ensue.

IMG_5061This photo hangs on our fridge and sometimes I stop and stare at it. We’re a family of 4? I’m a mom? I’m married? Life is cray cray.

IMG_5156Just about every day of my maternity leave included this playground. I miss it. Ugh winter.

IMG_5574Charlotte was baptized in the same dress I wore and my mom wore and so on.

IMG_5655Halloween costumes did not disappoint.

bigbrolilsisThese two have become like two peas in a pod.

IMG_5791And then just like that, the holidays were here. 2012 was very very good to us.

Here’s to hoping for the same in 2013! (Minus the baby. We’re happy as a family of four, thank you very much.)


















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