Christmas Break Recap

Remember our lofty goals? Finish the basement that we started literally four years ago (hey – it takes a long time to build a bathroom when you have to saw through the concrete floor, plus a TV room, storage room, office, bar and playroom.)

Well, with 9 days off from work, we figured we could finish the drywalling, mudding, painting, and install the floor and ceiling. Oh yeah and buy the floor and ceiling, too. Not to mention the 4 days of Christmas celebrations we had during that time.

So this is what we had to start from last weekend:


IMG_5774And here’s how we ended up:

IMG_5992It’s completely done!!! Just kidding.

This is Derek’s office. It was a big space of nothingness a few weeks ago. Today it’s completely done – floor, ceiling, heat vent, even a stocked bookshelf!

That is the only room that’s been completed, though.

But wait, here’s why:

  • All four of us got colds. Bad colds. As in, I missed one of our family Christmas gatherings because of it. And ended up going to Urgent Care to make sure I didn’t have strep throat. I didn’t. Stupid virus. 
  • Even Lola wasn’t feeling the best. She’s got a sore on her paw and would be happy to sit and lick it all day long, which doesn’t help it heal. So we’ve been watching her pretty much 24/7 and saying “leave it!” until our throats are sore. It actually looks like it’s starting to heal, though. Woohoo.
  • Charlotte has decided that sleep is lame. She was doing so well sleeping in her crib in her room, but not anymore. She prefers to be asleep in our arms or at the very least in the Rock n’ Play next to our bed.
  • One of the reasons we think her sleep has been tanking is because she got her first tooth! We noticed it on Christmas morning. So why isn’t she sleeping now? Why why why?

So needless to say, we had our hands full with life. And the basement went to the backburner. But we did accomplish some stuff. Check it out!



Um, yes that’s a lot of crap over in our TV room, but we had to move everything to finish the office. But look, the walls are all painted! Ooooh!IMG_5995All the drywall work in the basement is completed! And taped! So we just need two coats of mud and paint and the walls are completely done! That portion of exposed insulation that you can see inset on the left is our bar area. You can see the frame for the actual bar, which will have a long, hinged bar top. We’re going to do some cool wood paneling (never thought I’d describe wood paneling as cool…), so that’s why it’s not drywalled.

We purchased the floor and ceiling for the entire basement (my wallet is still crying about that one), so all we need to do is install it. That’s it, people. Seriously.

IMG_5997Here’s the view when you come down the basement steps. That’s a huge closet that is soon to hold oodles of children’s toys. Therefore, our living room will no longer have to hold oodles of children’s toys! Nice!


So, no, it’s not as complete as we had hoped, but this is a HUGE project and we’re so happy that the end is in sight. I can see it!






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