It. Just. Figures.

It’s been a rough week at our household. All four of us are currently nursing the same cold. Riley is on the mend, but poor Charlotte still sounds like Bea Arthur. Who knew babies could get laryngitis? Well, they can! It’s the saddest thing ever to hear her hoarse little voice croak out.

Anyway, because of all this, sleep has not really been happening in our house. In fact, every night this week, I’ve been up with Miss Charlotte three times. She’s so stuffed up that she wakes herself up, I think. I can’t blame her. Being sick blows.

On top of that, Riley has been waking up waaaaay earlier than normal. One day this week he woke up ready for the day at 5:45 a.m. He usually sleeps until 7 or later. He crawled in our bed in the pitch dark and was happy as a clam. Until I told him to go back to bed. Not cool.

So since I’m nursing the same cold, I knew I just needed sleep, glorious sleep. Last night, Charlotte woke up around midnight, just like she has all week. I went in her room and nursed her to try and get her – and me – back to sleep ASAP. It worked and we all happily drifted back off to sleep around 12:30. I prayed that she wouldn’t be up again at 2 or 3 like she has every night this week.

So imagine my surprise when I awoke at 6:16 this morning and realized she hadn’t woken me up again! And a certain little boy didn’t even sneak into our bed in the pitch darkness. Yay!

But wait, why was I awoken at 6:16 a.m., you ask?

Because of Lola, our dog, dry heaving on our bedroom floor. Yes, my alarm clock today was the sound of a dog puking. Luckily, I sprang out of bed like a superhero and dragged her off the area rug and onto the wood floor before she actually spewed. But spew she did! So Derek and I were up cleaning up dog puke early this morning, while the rest of our house slept until after 7.


The one morning the kids let us sleep in, the dog wakes us up.

Childless newlyweds – THIS IS YOUR FUTURE.


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