Riley’s Birthday Party

What do you do when you have a birthday party scheduled and two days before, the birthday boy ends up with pink eye? Well, you pray the antibiotics work and you carry on as usual. Cue Riley’s 4th birthday party – pirate style.

Captain Pinkeye!

Captain Pinkeye!

We go all out for birthdays in our house. And why wouldn’t we? It’s a huge deal. This little boy brings so much happiness to everyone, that I can’t help but cave when he tells me what he wants for his birthday. A pirate shirt with a #4 on it? You got it, kid!

Pirate cake pops that took hours and hours to make? No problem-o!

Bakerella - I love you, but ain't nobody got time for this!

Bakerella – I love you, but ain’t nobody got time for this!

And yes, we used real coconuts as decorations and he thought it was pretty much the coolest thing ever. And yes, I let him drink the coconut water out of them after the party.

My parents made this extravagant pirate ship cake. He loved it. Another pre-requisite from the birthday boy was a 4 candle on his cake.


The malted milk balls are cannonballs and the gummy worms are fish bait – get it? Thanks Pinterest!

We also did a pirate photo booth at his party. I bought a ton of pirate accessories and urged everyone to dress up and pose for funny pictures with some of our props. What resulted were hilarious pictures that we will have to blackmail our family for years to come.

I spy our house full of people! Yar!

I spy our house full of people! Yar!

So did he have a good time?


Sneakin' some frosting.

Sneakin’ some frosting.

I would say yes.

A chainsaw? Awesome!

A chainsaw? Awesome!

And little sis had a great time, too. Even though she would later get pink eye, too. AND her very first ear infection. 😦


So no, it wasn’t easy to have 35 people over for our 4-year old’s birthday, but it was worth every single ounce of work that went into it. Definitely.






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