9 Months

Dear Charlotte,

Today you are 9 months old. I can’t help but remember the letter I wrote to your brother on his 9 Month birthday. I’m so glad I have a record of what your brother did and when he did it. He loved to scramble over to me and make me pick him up, too. He loved to give hugs and bury his face in my shoulder, just like you do. I love you guys so much.


Lately, you’ve learned some new tricks. You can clap! Really! And wave! Sometimes you wave to yourself and it’s just so cute.

What of the biggest disappointments of my working motherhood is that I missed your first clap. It’s something I had spent some time teaching you. I have given your daddy strict instructions to knock you down if you even think about taking your first steps while I’m at work.

The other development this month is that you started saying, “Mama.” I’m not kidding. Yes, people will also say it’s just the sound that you’re making; you don’t know it’s me. I beg to differ. I’ve talked many times before about how much you love being velcroed to my side. I’m the mama kangaroo and you’re my joey. You’d love for me to carry you around in a pouch all day, every day. You see me across the room and you squawk until I come pick you up. You know me, you love me. You can say “Mama.” Ha!

You’re just so cute, sweet and lovable. I know you will hold onto these traits for a long, long time. You have a pretty, sweet and charming name and it suits you, my little baby.

I have now known you for a collective 18 months – 9 months inside and 9 months outside.

9 months inside....

9 months inside….

....and 9 months on the outside.

….and 9 months on the outside.


I love you more every day.



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