10 Months

Dear Charlotte,

Happy 10 month and 9 days birthday, sweet girl! This monthly photo was by far the hardest one to take yet. I tried three separate times until I managed to capture this one. It’s not perfect. The living room is messy. There are food stains on your onesie, but we’ll take it. You’re smiling.
IMG_6570Standing is your most favorite thing these days. Literally one day you figured out how to pull yourself up on the furniture and now you do it so fast, if I blink, I’ll miss it. You crawl super fast, too. One second you’re in the living room and the next, you’re down the hall at the end of the house. In fact, the other day, Daddy said he was helping your big brother in the bathroom while you were in the living room. The next thing he knew, you had crawled all the way down the hall into Riley’s bedroom and started playing his bongo drums. Maybe you’ll be a drummer, too!

A month and a half ago you said “mama” for the first time. And these days, I think you have a couple other words. You have words that sound a lot like “Riley” and “Lola.” I think you know what you’re saying, I really do. You are an amazing little girl.

This month also boasted your worst night of sleep ever in your life. Considering sleep has been rough for you for a loooong time, that’s really saying something! It all started because I wanted to go see Daddy’s band play on a Saturday night. Your great-aunt Debbie came over to watch you. You were fine until 11:30 when you woke up, realized I wasn’t the one in your room, and you lost it. You refused to go back to sleep. Even when I came home at midnight and held you and fed you and shushed you and said I was sorry for leaving you. You just laid there wide eyed and you. Would. Not. Sleep. After several hours, several text messages to Daddy, several bottles, and several tears from both of us, you finally passed out around 3 a.m. Ooh, it was bad. Have I mentioned it was the day before Mother’s Day? Oh yes, I will remind you of that one when you’re older.

Overall though, you’re a joy to everyone you meet. People in stores stop and stare at you. You make the crabbiest person in the grocery store burst into a big grin. You’re such a pretty little baby, I can’t even believe it.

I love you so much,




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