Because I Love To Compare

Charlotte wears some of Riley’s baby clothes, which I think is the cutest thing ever. I have a weird ability to remember every single outfit Riley wore as a baby. So it really trips me out when I see Charlotte wearing the same outfits Riley wore. Time goes fast and it seems like Riley was just the tiny baby in these onesies and sleepers. Not the big kid who wears size 11 shoes on his big ole clodhoppers.

So the other day, when I noticed that Charlotte was wearing one of my favorite Riley sleepers, I had to snap a picture. But not just any picture. I had to recreate one of my favorite pictures of Riley and his daddy:

Daddy and Riley, 7 months

Daddy and Riley, 7 months

Daddy and Charlotte, 10 months

Daddy and Charlotte, 10 months

Besides noticing that my husband has gotten more devilishly handsome in the last three years, I don’t really see many similarities between the kiddos. Do you? Riley was always a skinny baby and Charlotte has always had some pudge to her. Riley was bald until he was 2 and Charlie has had beautiful dark hair since the day she was born. They may not look alike, but sometimes I look at these two and cannot believe how cute they are. Life is good.



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