11 Months

Dear Charlotte,

Today you are 11 months old. Every day you become less of a helpless infant and more of an opinionated toddler. This makes me happy and sad at the same time.

Words cannot describe how difficult these photos are to take now.

Words cannot describe how difficult these photos are to take now.


It seems like every day you have a new trick or you do something that amazes us. The other day you picked up your brother’s recorder and expertly blew into it like you’ve been playing an instrument your entire life (all 11 months of it). Every once in a while, I hear a recorder tooting away and it’s always YOU who are doing the tooting. Crazy.

I swear, you can talk. You started saying, “Mama” about two months ago and now you have words that sound like “hi,” “bye,” “Lola,” “Dada” and one that sort of sounds like “Riley.” You continue to amaze us.

Ninety percent of the time, you’re a happy baby. You still LOVE for me to hold you. I can’t believe that you don’t want to be more independent. You are sometimes, but most of the time, you prefer to be in my arms, pointing to what you want until I walk over and let you touch it. You love to look out the window.




One of my favorite times of the day is when I go in your room first thing in the morning when you wake up. You give me the biggest smile when you see me, then you frantically crawl over to me in your crib. I pick you up, you snuggle into my neck and then you immediately start your morning pointing ritual. You first point to the cross hanging on your wall. I walk you over so you can touch it. Then you point to the window and I open your blinds and let you look outside. By this time, Riley is usually in your room, and you squeal and smile as soon as you see him. I think this is one of his favorite parts of the day too.




You are soooo close to walking. I really thought you’d have walked in your 10th month the way your brother did, but maybe you’ll be a little more cautious than he is – that is not a bad thing. You can stand on your own for longer periods of time, but you just don’t want to pick your feet up and move unless someone is holding your hands or you’re holding onto the furniture. No problem, Charlie. I don’t mind you not being able to walk. You take your time, kiddo.

I try to get photos of you and your brother playing together. I know the day is coming when neither of you want to play together, but for now, my heart leaps when I see you two building train tracks together. You pretty much just mess up what he puts together, but he loves you anyway. He usually yells, “GooGee! You broke my track!” and then he starts building it again.


Oh yeah. That’s what we call you – GooGee. Sorry about that. I promise we’ll stop calling you that before you’re 16.

We can’t wait to celebrate your birthday in a month, Char. We go big for birthdays in this house so get ready.

We love, love, love you.




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