If there’s something better than vacation, I haven’t found it yet. Derek and I have always loved traveling, but honestly, since having kids, we’ve done very little. We went to Key West for our 5th anniversary, um…3 years ago. And then we went to …hmm….um….yeah.

We knew we had to do our first family of 4 vacation this summer. We had to. Enter my friend’s cabin in Northern Wisconsin. Perfection.

Not a bad view, huh?

Not a bad view, huh?


Sleepy baby on a pier. IMG_6675

This kid would STILL be in that lake if we let him. To say he loved this vacation is an understatement.


Our sweet girl’s first time in a swimsuit, first time in a lake and her first time walking in sand.


She got the hang of it eventually.


Camera timer for the win!


A blue gill!


Family vacations call for goofiness on playgrounds.

IMG_0660Somehow Riley always gets his way.

This vacation was perfect. Ice cream every day-sort of perfect. Warm sunshine vitamin D overload-sort of perfect. Babies that slept better up north than at home-sort of perfect. “I don’t want to go home, I love it here,” from the 4-year old-sort of perfect. Even the “I have to go to the bathroom!” while driving on a deserted highway, leading to a little boy peeing on the side of the road was perfect.

And now we have to go back to reality. Boo!



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