Happy Birthday!

Dear Charlotte,

Today is your birthday. You’re 1!

char1A year ago right now, I was in the hospital in the most excrutiating pain of my life. I can now say that I know what natural childbirth feels like and I think it’s safe to say I’d never like to feel that again. But the moment you were born was life changing for me. I’ll never forget it. I’ll never forget hearing your daddy say, “Is it a GIRL? It’s a GIRL!” We were shocked, happy and so, so thankful for you. We still are.

IMG_4748I’d be lying if I said this year has been easy; that I’ve loved every minute of it. Becoming a family of four, especially a working mom to two kids, has been much harder than I anticipated. I’ll tell you more about it someday when you become a mother and call me frazzled, stressed and over tired. I’ll remember this past year and reassure you that you will be fine. By then, I’ll have hopefully done my job and prepared you to be an awesome mom, just like my mom taught me. Being a mom is my most favorite thing in the world. I mean that so much. You and your brother make me a better person and for that I am grateful.

Ok, sweet girl, enough with the heavy, mushy stuff. Let’s talk about what kind of baby you are. You are loud, opinionated and funny.

IMG_6594You can do tricks! You started walking about 3 weeks ago. It amazes me how you can move those chubby little legs of yours. Riley announces it to the world every time he sees you do it. “Charlotte’s walking!” he yells proudly. He loves you so much.

You blow kisses, wave bye bye and say “bye!”, your favorite word is still “Mama” with “Lola” being a close second. You like to dance whenever you hear music. Pointing is your favorite past time. You point at anything and everything and recently started pointing to pictures of me and Daddy to let everyone know that you’re thinking of us. When we tell you no, you cry big crocodile tears. Because you are going to be a drama queen, maybe? Yeesh.

Sleeping is definitely not your favorite thing. At least at night it’s not. You like to nurse during the night. Which I can’t believe we’re still doing. Breastfeeding was also pretty brutal this past year. I will spare you the gory details (at least until you’re a mom yourself) but I’m proud of both of us for making it through the first year together.

I love you little girl. I’m so glad you’re mine forever.

Happy birthday.








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