Fall Vacay

A few weeks ago we embarked on our second family vacation of the year. We went to Door County in northern Wisconsin. I hadn’t been there since I was a kid, but we got good recommendations for our low-key family trip. Oh, and have I mentioned we were celebrating 8 years of wedded bliss? By vacationing with our two kids? Yes, we are crazy.

Penninsula State Park

Penninsula State Park

In case you didn’t notice, our trip just happened to fall during the peak of the fall colors.


We took this ferry to Washington Island, a small, but lived-on island off of Door County. This ferry is actually bigger than it looks in this picture, but the water was sooo choppy, we were really wondering if we were crazy by getting on this thing. But flat bottom ferries can’t sink, can they? We drove onto it and the cars immediately started rocking back and forth. We put on our parking brake to make sure we didn’t slam into the cars in front or behind us. It was crazy. There’s an observation deck on the top of the boat where you can stand for the 30-minute ride to look around. Since it was in the 40s and super windy, we decided to enjoy the view from inside our car.

Not bad, huh?IMG_7440

Schoolhouse Beach on Washington Island. The whole beach is covered in these flat, white rocks. Apparently, it took hundreds of years for the lake to get the rocks so smooth so there are hefty fines if you take them. I wouldn’t take them anyway. I saw that Brady Bunch episode where Greg took that cursed Hawaiian artifact. I don’t want to be cursed. IMG_7448

We stayed at Little Sister Resort in Sister Bay. It was cute, but very rustic. Which was fine. Except that it had rained that day and they had no dry firewood. Come on! It was 32 degrees outside and all we wanted was a fire in the fireplace after the kids went to bed. Sigh.IMG_7464

Seaquist Orchard was an awesome find in Door County. They have a huge store and offer free samples of EVERYTHING. They had an indoor straw maze for the kids, plus an awesome outdoor play area where Riley and I could pose like a pig and a farmer – a necessity for every mother and son, I say.IMG_7477

Look at our cute little scarecrows!


We decided to climb the 75-foot lookout tower at Penninsula State Park. I carried a 21-pound, squirmy infant the whole way up, but it was so worth it once we got up there and took in the view. IMG_7487

Hello, Lake Michigan!IMG_7488

Hello, fall colors! (Note, my left bicep was crying for mercy).IMG_1116

One of the highlights for the kids was PC Junction, a train-themed restaurant where an electric train delivers your food. We bellied up to the bar and got a great view of all the times the train went around. The kids were practically too distracted to eat their food (and they even offered a veggie burger – hooray for vegetarian options!). We will definitely be back.IMG_7495

The last night, we headed to Blue Harbor Resort in Sheboygan. Where they have bunk beds. The boy was impressed, I tell you. The other thing they have?

A WATERPARK! I honestly don’t know who in our family had the most fun. I think I may have. I LOVE water slides, even though I haven’t been on one in years. We had so much fun for two days going nuts all over their indoor water park. Highly recommended. Especially because they have lifeguards all over the place. Hooray for safety!IMG_7505

Pure happiness. Also note the tile in front of Riley. Is that really necessary? The “water” there is 0’0″ but you can’t dive in it? In other words, don’t dive head-first onto the concrete. Thanks for the tip, Blue Harbor!IMG_7508


They had an awesome toddler area that Charlotte loved after she figured out what the hell this place was.

While it may seem weird to some to bring your kids on an anniversary trip, I loved every minute of it. I was my normal nervous, worry-wart self before we left, wondering if Charlotte would get her two naps in every day, if the kids would sleep ok in a hotel room and all that stuff. But we had so much fun, just the four of us. And since these kids are in bed by 8:00, my husband and I got to have some fun, just the two of us. 🙂


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