17 Months

Dear Charlotte,

Today you are 17 months old. And wow, you are definitely a little person. An opinionated, goofy, crazy little person. I’m actually really worried about the teenage years now. But look at you! How are you this adorable? How?

Thanksgiving 2013

Thanksgiving 2013

Like I mentioned, you’re the most opinionated little girl I’ve ever met. If you ask for a cracker and I dare to hand you one from the box, you squawk and motion to the box until I put the cracker back and lower the box so you can reach in and grab your own cracker. Which is probably the exact cracker I just handed you. Where do you get this? (From me, you get this from me, your daddy says).

You love babies. You squeal with delight if you happen to see a real baby. Though you call almost any kid a baby, regardless of age or size. A 5 year old boy is a baby to you. Your favorite thing to do is scroll through the pictures on my phone and see the pictures of yourself, your favorite baby. When you met a real baby on Thanksgiving, your cousin Emily, you could barely contain yourself. A lot of shrieking and arm flailing and touching the baby ensued.

A REAL baby!

A REAL baby!

You could hardly stand it.

Your other favorite pastime is climbing things that you shouldn’t be climbing. This includes end tables, any large toy with a flat surface, the arm of the couch, boxes that cannot support your weight, and laundry baskets that you have turned upside down. What happens then usually is you fall. And after you fall you cry. And after you’re done crying, you climb right back up on the thing from which you just fell off. I admire your ability to “get back on the horse” as they say, but could you please STOP GETTING BACK ON THE HORSE? Please?

So happy 17 months little girl. You’re sweet, funny, cute and really good at driving us nuts.

We love you!



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