Christmas Recap

I’m in the middle of a 10-day stretch off work and it is GLORIOUS. I have been sick with a sinus infection since the end of NOVEMBER and thanks to round 2 of some antibiotics, I’m finally feeling better. Just in time for Christmas fun. Here’s a recap, in photos, of course:


Behold our Christmas card picture. It took a LOT to get two smiles, but there they are!


Best seat in the house….


Riley’s Christmas concert at school. He sang every single word. No stage fright here.


Ta da! Christmas cookies! Yes, the frosting is store-bought but all the other kinds were homemade. Since I had been sick for sooooo long, we were even making cookies the night of Dec. 23.


Christmas morning. Nothing like it.


“Step aside, bro. This is MY Baby Einstein DVD.”


Thomas Castle Quest was a BIG hit. I’m just thankful I didn’t have to put it together. Eesh.


Our elf baby.


Worst mall Santa experience ever. We’ve never done a mall Santa before and when we got there and saw no line, we were thrilled. However, it was 5 minutes before Haggard Santa’s break, so they rushed to get our kids on the lap. Neither were particularly thrilled. Santa asked me the kids’ names and then absently asked Riley what he wanted for Christmas. Riley excitedly said, “A bow and arrow!” (don’t ask), to which Santa replied, “I can bring you that…” but he said it in the way that means I didn’t hear what you said and I don’t care enough to ask you to repeat it. Gee thanks, Santa. I hope you had a good break. As he shuffled by us while we paid $30 for FOUR PICTURES, Riley said, “Santa looks different this year.” Understatement of the year, kid. 

IMG_1305My little man all dolled up for Christmas Eve.

IMG_7700The whole fam, ready for Christmas.

And now, we rest. We are all still exhausted. Ahhhh, no more work for a few days. Happy holidays, all!




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