Riley’s First Skate

I began figure skating seriously when I turned 13 years old. I continued competitively skating until I was 30 years old and pregnant with Riley. Since then I’ve been teaching younger kids to skate. And I had another baby, so that made me stop skating and teaching for a while, too.

For some odd reason, I’ve never taken Riley skating with me. He’s 4 now and he could’ve started group lessons when he was 3, but he had never set foot on the ice so I wanted to wait a bit before signing him up.

Well, that’s not really true. The first time he set foot on the ice was when he was 1 year old, see?

They don't make skates small enough for a 1 year old.

They don’t make skates small enough for a 1 year old.

"It's cold in here, Mommy, but I like it!"

“It’s cold in here, Mommy, but I like it!”

Riley knows that I skate and teach kids how to skate. Every Wednesday night he sees me leave and head to the rink, but he’s never asked to come along. Until recently. He started asking if I could teach him how to skate. Of course I was thrilled, so when we had off of school and work, skating was number 1 on our agenda.

My parents got him some double-bladed skates for Christmas last year. I started in those kind of skates, but today kids start in the real thing – just one blade. Since we had the skates already, I figured we’d just try them out and I’m glad we did.

We got to the rink and got our skates on. Then we stepped onto the ice.


I warned him that he was going to fall a lot but that he wouldn’t get hurt and I showed him how to get up. When he stepped on the ice and I saw this smile, I was so excited. I wanted him to love skating as much as I do. As time passed and he didn’t ask once to get off the ice or sit down and rest, I knew we were on to something. So I decided to teach him a few little moves that we teach the beginners. He had no fear, which is why it’s great to start kids in this sport early. He tried every thing I asked him to. No questions asked, just how I like it…

Ooh, a one-foot glide!

Ooh, a one-foot glide!

Then he really started to hit his stride. Look at the expression in his face. He’s got a knack for music interpretation (say that in your best Dick Button voice.)



No, I did not tell him to hold his arms like that. But I like it!

We skated about an hour and yes, he fell a lot, but he always came back up smiling.

When we got off the ice, a woman came up to me and said, “I’ve never seen a little boy look happier to be on the ice. It was so fun watching you two. I think you passed the love of skating down to him.”

I thanked her and said, “I hope so!”

Riley is starting lessons soon. Hooray!




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