Acts of Heroism

Being a mom has turned me in to many things: a teacher, cook, comforter, nose wiper, a sap and much more. It has also made me think that I’m a superhero. That I can scale tall buildings in a single bound. That I can fly through the air and magically catch my child before she falls and hurts herself. Um, not so much.

On Saturday, while playing with both kids in my parent’s basement, Charlotte suddenly scaled the wrought iron fireplace mantle. She was standing on it and I had visions of her falling and crying her little head off. I was across the basement in the bar area, which is actually lower by one concrete step from the rest of the basement. So when I saw her about to fall, I went into superhero mode.

I ran at full speed toward her. Except I forgot that I was actually down a step. And I slammed my shoe-less foot full speed into the concrete step. Instead of Charlotte, I was the one flying through the air and falling to the cold, hard concrete floor.

In disbelief I lay on the floor paralyzed doing this over and over:

Riley stopped playing and looked at me.

“What’s wrong?” he asked. He looked really confused.

“Ijusthitmytoereallyhard.holycowithurtssobad.Owowowowow” I mumbled to him while still in a pile on the floor.

“You should go tell your dad,” he replied like it was the most helpful advice ever.

But the damage was already done. My toe was so stiff and swollen that I couldn’t fit my shoe on when it was time to go home. I have been limping now for 5 days. I’m still icing it when it really hurts. Is it broken? Probably. I never went to the doctor. My friend is an ER nurse and told me that even if they suspect a broken toe, they don’t always even X-ray it in the ER because there’s literally nothing you can do for a broken toe.

This is what it looked like 3 days after it happened (pardon the speck of nailpolish from oh, last summer…)

photo (28)Ok I guess that photo doesn’t look too dramatic, but believe me, it is! See that scar? I had a bunion removed 10 years ago and this toe was actually broken at that time and set straight. This is the life of a former figure skater. Bunions and broken toes.

So anyway, I’m still hobbling around. In pain. But with a new appreciation for all the things I can do and super thankful that it wasn’t something more debilitating. But I swear, if a dog or kid steps on my foot any time soon, I will probably fall over and die.

P.S. And no, Charlotte never did fall off the mantle. I think my writhing in pain distracted her from her climbing. Glad I could help!



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