I Heart Mornings

I have never in my life been a morning person. The entire thought of my headline is laughable. However, these days there is a small window of weekday mornings that I look forward to. I tried to capture this 30-minute timeline in pictures this week. Here we go:

photo 1

The day starts right around 7 when I hear our bedroom door open and feel this little guy crawl over me to lay in between Derek and me. He snuggles under the covers, lays into the crook of my arm and says something really random and unexpected. This morning his first words of the day were, “Mommy, I wonder what the inside of your work looks like.” Good morning to you too, buddy!photo 2

After we all snuggle and wake up a bit, he begs to go in and get Charlotte. He insists on being the one who opens her door first. If I open it first, we close it and start over.photo 3

Charlotte is always sitting up in her crib by this time, just waiting for us to come in. This particular morning she was very tired and she insisted on resting her head on my shoulder (my favorite), while snuggling her Lambie, blanket and holding two pacifiers. photo 4

I could’ve stay like this all day. I think she would’ve liked that, too.

After changing Charlotte and getting her dressed for the day, I begin the chaos that is trying to get myself ready, make breakfast for the kids, and get out of the house so Riley can make it school on time and I can make it to work on time(ish).

photo 1 photo 2

As I make breakfast, the kids wait, oh so patiently. This morning I’m thankful for Trader Joe’s blueberry waffles. They smell so good, are fairly low in sugar and the kids love them. So much so that I have to make a third waffle for them to split after they both devour their breakfasts.

photo 3

The tip of the breakfast iceberg.

photo 4

Finally there is silence and Derek and I can say good morning and make our own breakfasts. He takes care of the dog in the morning and meticulously straightens up the house from the night before. Sometimes I love having an OCD husband.

We all sit down and enjoy breakfast together, especially our coffee, before the second phase of our morning starts where I jump in the shower, while Riley gets himself dressed (after being told repeatedly – listening on the first time is not his strong suit these days), and Charlotte bangs on the bathroom door calling for me. A lot of coffee is needed most mornings.
photo 5

I love the first few quiet moments of our day. The kids are snuggly, the house is quiet and we’re all together, and happy. For the first time in my life, I think I might be a morning person. 





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