Dear Riley,

Today you are 5 years old. A big kid, but still my little boy.

DSCN1455I remember the feeling of your light, floppy little newborn body like it was yesterday. Bringing you into the world was one of the most profound moments of my life. You are the epitome of what life is about. You made all my dreams come true by simply existing. Being a mom is my favorite (though most difficult) job in the world and I owe all of that to you. Thank you.



Ok, enough of the mushy stuff (for this paragraph, at least). There are so many things I love about you that I don’t even know where to start. I love that you appreciate the little things in life. We’re in the midst of the coldest winter I can remember and you keep telling me that you wish it was summer so we could eat watermelon. Mark my words, this summer, we are eating more watermelon than we ever have in the history of the world.

Please don’t ever lose your sweetness. It is one of your best qualities. You care about other people, you take the time to tell me that I’m the best mommy ever, that the dinner I just made is the best I’ve ever made and that you love me so, so, so, super, duper, schmuper much.

IMG_4763I’m so proud of you. You’re so smart, even meeting all your K4 milestones by the time you STARTED K4. Your teacher says all the kids want to play with you and be your friend. You want to be everyone’s friend, too. Don’t lose that – being nice and including others is so important.

So this weekend we will have a giant party for you. Two, actually. One for your school friends and one for your family. Everyone wants to celebrate with you because you are a little boy worth celebrating.


Thank you for teaching me to be a better version of myself. Someday I hope to be as great as you think I am.

I love you.






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