Kitchen Remodel – Phase 2

About a month ago, I shared the state of our kitchen remodel.

Work has been progressing nicely, thank you very much. Here’s an update:

IMG_8294The pass-through is framed out and awaiting paint…

IMG_8327Color has been slathered on the walls. Some of it by a 5 year-old. Free labor!

There have been a lot of little touches – electrical work, re-routing heating vents, unattaching the counters from the cabinets, taking down all the wood trim. And this weekend, we’re embarking on the mother of all projects – the floor.

We are pulling up the sticky tiles seen above that we put down hastily 7 years ago and replacing them with pretty ceramic tile. We’re going to use the same tile all the way down the hallway, so that equals a big project.

The kids will be staying with Grandma and Grandpa while Derek and I live like 2007 and work like dogs on our house without a care in the world pertaining to little human beings that share our DNA.

Call me crazy, but I think it might actually be kinda fun.




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