2 Years Old

Dear Charlotte,

Today you turn two years old. It really feels like you’ve always been a part of our family. Last year on your birthday, I wrote about how difficult that first year with two kids was for me. I’m happy to report that this year has been smoother. You’re such a sweet, happy girl who makes everyone so, so happy.


Thanksgiving 2013

Thanksgiving 2013

You are adventurous and independent. You want to do everything. You have no sense of danger, which is terrifying for your parents. You see a bird outside and say, “my hold it?” I have to explain to you that no, you cannot hold a wild bird. No, you may not walk down a flight of stairs without holding my hand (which made you scream in anger), and no, you may not eat that grass. When you get something in your strong-willed mind, you will not take no for an answer. I’m hoping this is more due to your age, not necessarily your personality, because I’m afraid of what that might mean when you’re a teenager.

You’re still a cuddler, which makes me so, so happy! You’ve always loved to be on my hip, snuggled into my shoulder. And you still do. Though you’re getting heavy, I don’t mind. I’ll take all the Charlotte cuddles I can get.

You love to stack blocks, draw (you’re surprisingly good at drawing circles), do puzzles, play with Riley’s cars and trains and watch Dora. Oh, your Dora obsession. Specifically your obsession with Dora fruit snacks is epic. Sometimes you ask me for “Dora nee nacks” when you randomly wake up at 4 a.m. I have never complied with your request. However “Dora nee nacks” has become your comfort word. If you fall and hurt yourself, which is often, you poor girl, you cuddle into my shoulder and mutter, “Dora nee nacks.” I’m not sure if you even want them, you just want to say it.

Your birthday party was this weekend and the moment when you realized all this was for you was when we were singing happy birthday to you. The look on your face will be forever burned into my mind and I will think of it on your wedding day. You were perched in your favorite spot (on my hip) in front of the horse cake your grandpa made for you, with a “2” candle lit on top. As people started singing, you looked around at everyone, wide-eyed with a shy smile on your face. You realized it was all for you. That our backyard and garage were full of people who love you and see what a special, sweet little girl you are and in that moment, you felt like a special, sweet little girl and it was amazing to watch.

FB birthday

Another amazing thing? The love between you and your brother. You want to be just like him. If he jumped off a bridge (or the couch, or the porch steps) you would, too. He adores you. If anyone on the playground, at school or in a store acknowledges you in any way, he proudly announces, “This is my baby Charlotte. Her nickname is Googie.” (Yes your newborn nickname has stuck, sorry about that, Googs.) Most people chuckle or ask him what he just said, but it doesn’t matter. He wants everyone to know you and notice you. He’s proud of you. And you’ve got his back. If we give you something, you ask for one for “Ra-Ra” too. You two talk to each other through your closed bedroom doors sometime at bedtime. You have a lifelong bond as best friends and your daddy and I will do everyone in our power to make sure it stays that way. You two deserve each other.

Goofy BFFs

Goofy BFFs

You’re getting to be more fun every day. You sneakily pretend you’re going to grab something we just told you not to grab. With a naughty smile on your face, you creep closer to my water glass, my phone, or whatever else you want to get your hands on. When Daddy or I yell, “Hey!” you giggle uncontrollably and run away.

You  make us all so happy.

I love you to infinity and beyond.




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