First Day of Kindergarten

Hello there blog. I haven’t forgotten about you and I hope you haven’t forgotten about me. Looking through my drafts folder, I realized I never blogged about Riley’s first day of Kindergarten. I use this blog as a record of the big (and little) things we go through, so I need to blog about this. So here we go. Better late than never.


I cried. Ok? Yes, I cried. I’m a mommy cliche. You’re reading this on my mommy blog. Arg. Are you happy now?

Anyway, let me back up a bit.

Riley started all day kindergarten on the Tuesday after Labor Day. That previous Thursday I found out at work that I needed to travel to Kansas on Tuesday. I had to rearrange and haggle and fight tooth and nail so I could be there to drop him off on his first day. I pulled the mommy card and REFUSED to miss dropping him off for his first day and real, live school. No. Way.

So I flew out after first dropping him off at school.

The big day came and he was fairly excited, but did a great job of breaking my heart by saying he was “a little scared.” Riley! My boy who makes friends with every person he meets. He was scared!

We snapped pictures at home and then of course little sis had to hop in for some, too.

IMG_8629 IMG_8634

Once we got to school, he lined up in a new line with new kids in front of a new teacher. He was nervous, but still smiling.

First day of K5 (with sunglasses)

First day of K5 (with sunglasses)

I don’t know if he sensed the sadness I felt that I wouldn’t be there when he got home from school for the next few days since I’d be out of town for work for the next three days. For three days I wouldn’t get to talk to him about his day at the dinner table, tuck him in to bed, or make his lunch complete with a hand-written note telling him I loved him. I held it together, but these were the thoughts going through my mind. I kept telling him I was proud of him for being a big kindergartner and that I knew he was going to have so much fun today.

“But I don’t know what to expect,” he said.

“No one in this line knows what to expect,” I replied cheerfully. “Everyone feels the same way as you do right now.”

“Don’t let go of my hand,” he whispered as the bell rang and the line started moving.

I hugged him as tightly as I could, told him I loved him again and again and sent him in to school.

As I walked back to my car to head to the airport, I couldn’t stop the tears. I just felt so sad that I was missing out on some of this milestone. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, sometimes being a working mom sucks. Really sucks.


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