The Obligatory Christmas 2014 Post

It’s Dec. 26 and I’m just so incredibly on top of things this year that I’m already writing the Christmas recap. Wow! It almost makes me forget that we were up wrapping presents late on Christmas Eve and for the last several weeks, I’ve woken up many times in the middle of the night finally remembering to move Hip, our Elf on the Shelf, to a different spot in the house. I am more than a little thrilled that he has finally flown back to Santa at the North Pole.

Anyway, it’s been a great Christmas for us and we’re all home together until Jan. 5 so that makes me even happier. So without further ado, I present our Christmas season recap. In pictures, of course.

IMG_8850 IMG_8855 IMG_8857 IMG_8860 IMG_8862 IMG_8868

Who would think that a tacklebox is the perfect gift for a 5 year old boy? Grandpa, that’s who.


Charlotte’s favorite present was this giant “neigh neigh.” She’s obsessed with horses.

So the big news in our household is that a few months ago we booked a semi-impromptu trip to Disney World. It will be the kids’ first plane ride and the biggest trip we’ve ever taken with them. We knew we had to reveal the trip to them in some big way. No, I don’t need to do some crazy, Pinterest-worthy reveal, but we wanted to make it fun for them. So late on Christmas Eve, we blew up a bunch of balloons and filled a big box with them. In the box we put some fake plane tickets with the kids’ names on them and marked the destination as Disney World.

IMG_8908 IMG_8910

As we pretty much figured, Charlotte was waaaay more excited to get a box full of balloons than to hear about some place called Disney World. But Riley understood. Granted, he has only heard about the Happiest Place on Earth and doesn’t fully comprehend what he’s in for. It was not as exciting as I had hoped, but late on Christmas, we watched the Disney World DVD and then both kids got it. Now every time we get in the car Charlotte asks if we’re going to Disney World and Riley randomly says, “I CAN’T WAIT FOR DISNEY WORLD!” Exactly the reaction I was hoping for.

February can’t come soon enough!


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December 26, 2014 · 4:06 pm

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