Time is a cruel beast

“I need a bigger towel,” he said.

“No, you don’t, this towel still works!” I said, cheerfully.


Then I thought of something.

This hooded shark towel from Target was the towel we used after his first bath at home almost SIX years ago. Um…maybe he DID need a bigger bath towel. And probably one without a hood because, you know, he’s a big kid and all that stuff.

I got this towel as a baby shower gift six years ago. That first bath at home after getting back from the hospital resulted in a classic Riley picture:


Clearly he was not feeling the bath OR the towel.

Fast forward a couple years to a cold Sunday night where I then tried to recreate this picture with an almost 6 year-old squirming on my lap while I tried to snap a pic on my phone:


You get the gist. That first picture felt like it was only yesterday, but then again, it also feels like a lifetime ago. We had no idea what we were doing with this squirmy, floppy newborn. And we had no clue the awesome child he’d grow into. One who tells the best fart and poop jokes. One who is really sick with a bad cold right now and wrote a note to his daddy saying, “I love you daddy because you help me when I’m hurt.”

Oh time, why do you pass so quickly?


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