4 Years Old

Dear Charlotte,

Today you are 4 years and 12 days old. Sorry for the lateness of this post. I guess it’s par for the course for the second child. Let me describe you as a 4 year-0ld.

You. Are. Awesome.

You’re imaginative, hilarious, sweet, naughty and fun. You like girly things like princesses, jewelry and dresses. But you love playing pretend with your big brother, running around, being tough, calling yourself an American Ninja Warrior while you jump off the couch.

The love between you and your brother has been great to watch. You two are best friends and partners in crime and I couldn’t imagine our family without either of you in it. You two would be lost without each other, obviously. Even when you’re mad at him for looking at one of “your” books without asking, or turning off the TV when it was your turn. Yes, these are things you get mad about.

You’ve got a black eye right now. Of course you’re still the cutest little girl ever, but yes, my first black eye after 7 years of parenting. You fell off the scooter we got you for your birthday and got a swollen, bloody, bruised eye. Yikes. It just adds to your toughness. You will go down in history as the child that gave us our first ER visit and our first black eye.

You’ll start school all day, every day this fall. Four-year Kindergarten is all day at our elementary school. I’d be nervous for you, but I know you. You’re going to love every minute of it. You wished you could go to school every day in 3K, so I think this will make you happy. You want to be a big kid, like your brother. You love having friends.

You’re destined for great things, sweet girl. I’m so happy you’re part of our family.

I love you to infinity and beyond, angel.




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