Charlotte is 5!

Dear Charlotte,

I almost can’t believe it, but you’re 5 years old! You are the baby of the family, but you are really turning in to a big girl. Bravery, hilarity and kindness are some of your best personality traits right now. Plus you’re the cutest little girl ever. I mean, look:

Charlotte - 5 years old

To say this has been a big year for you is an understatement. I think the year between 4 and 5 always is, but you’ve had a big one.

You started full time, all day school. Not by my choice, but by our school district’s. This fall, you began going to 4K all day every day. And you rocked it. I shouldn’t have doubted you for a minute.

First day 4K

So proud to be in school with your brother all day. And I was a little surprised, though I shouldn’t have been, by how much you loved it and how much everyone loved you. All the teachers commented that you give the best hugs, that you’re the happiest little girl, and they’re right! You lost two pair of sunglasses and a fleece during your first year of full time school, but I can’t even be mad. You made tons of friends, learned to read, and couldn’t love school more. Score!

The other big event of the year was our move from the only house you’ve ever known to another one. And again, why did I doubt you? You rocked it, too! You love your new pink room. You love our big yard. You are just the happiest little girl and we couldn’t be happier.

I love the way you say things that you know aren’t true, with such conviction, just to see if we will actually believe them. I love that sometimes you call sneezes “bless yous”. I love that you always notice when I have my nails painted and make a fake angry face because I did it without painting yours, too. I love that you are a girly girl, wanting to wear dresses and necklaces, but then you can skateboard right alongside your big brother, too. I love that you are never, ever stingy with hugs and kisses and I love yous. Never lose this , sweet girl.

Happy 5th year, baby girl.


Thanks for being my best friend!

Love, Mommy



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