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Ah, summer vacation

Again this year, we headed into the great outdoors for our summer family vacation, only this time we were armed with a pop-up camper. Awesome! We had a stove, fridge, and electricity so we could use an oscillating fan and not suffocate while sleeping. Perfect!

So we packed up our 5 year-old, and 23 month-old and headed to Governor Dodge State Park in Dodgeville, WI. I had never been to this state park before, which as soon as we got there I realized was a tragedy. This place was gorgeous. Like, Lord of the Rings scenery people. Well, not really, but close. Look!

camping1We even hiked to a waterfall. In Wisconsin. And got wet. Awesome!



camping4I believe TLC was wrong – you SHOULD go chasing waterfalls because it’s pretty awesome when you get there.

The first night in the camper was rough. The kids didn’t fall asleep until 10:30 while Derek and I sat by the fire constantly telling them to go to sleep. It was kind of cute looking back on it. They were talking to each other, Riley would ask us random questions from inside and Charlotte would throw her pacifiers out of her Pack N Play, only to ask Riley to retrieve them for her.

I feel like this picture pretty well sums up our children:

camping7I love that drinking a simple juicebox is a treat for them. They only get them at special occasions and when they do, they will completely drink the entire thing before they eat any of their food. Crazy kids. Look at Charlotte’s face. Can’t. Drink. Fast. Enough.

camping5Another hit? Little Sister’s first smore. So sticky and messy, but so, so worth it.

We swam in a beautiful, clear lake. And fished in another beautiful clear lake. I mean, it was so clear we could actually see the fish we were trying to catch, watch them nibble our worms and try to swim away, and decide when the perfect time was to reel it in. It felt like we were in northern Wisconsin, not just an hour and 45 minutes away from home.

Though we had some hard times, and little Charlotte kept falling off the picnic table, it was a really fun trip. And Derek and I had many moments that felt like we were making long-lasting summer memories for our kids. Like this one:

camping6So much so that when we got back home after three days, I asked Riley if he was looking forward to sleeping in his own bed that night.

“No,” he said quickly. “I love camping. I want to camp every day.”







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