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Cloth Diaper Frustration Part 2

See Part One here.

I’ve always loved cloth diapering Riley and have sung its praises to many people. Even inspiring my friend Kelly to cloth diaper her new little baby whenever he decides to make his grand entrance into the world.

But lately, I’ve been frustrated. I don’t know if it’s because I’m now cloth diapering a 2-year old, or if my diapers are just tired from getting washed 3 times per week for the last 2+ years, but lately, they’ve been leaking. A lot.

I’ve tried what the online cloth diapering goddesses have told me to try – switching detergent, stripping them, holding a seance. But really, I have no idea what else I should try.

I’m just getting really, really sick of seeing my little boy completely soaked when he wakes up from a nap. “Wet!” he exclaims. And seeing a wet spot on his booty a full 20 minutes after I just changed him. Is it that his bladder has gotten bigger? Should I just bite the bullet and potty train my 27-month old? Switch to disposable diapers? Suggestions are welcome!




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Why Didn’t I Think of This Sooner?

We are a family of 3 (plus a dog). It seemed like we were generating waaaay more garbage every week than we needed to. When looking at what was filling up our kitchen garbage can, it was obvious. We like cereal. And Riley likes his bunny grahams. The bulk of our garbage can was just that – bulky cardboard packaging.

And then, DUH! Cardboard is recyclable.

In our city, we buy bright blue recycling bags and fill it up with our recyclables, put it on the curb and we’re good to go. We separate out newspaper into paper bags and now, we also separate cardboard packaging.

Between 6-pack beer packs, my beloved cereal, granola bars and Wheat Thins, we only had…wait for it….ONE bag of garbage to put out for the week.

From what it had been, that’s really unbelievable. It makes me really wish I had thought of it sooner, but glad that we’re doing it.

And it’s easy. We just put a box next to our garbage cans and when we polish off a box of Kashi, I take out the bag and toss it, flatten the box and stack it with the other boxes. No biggie.

By the way, that Sea Dog Blue Paw? Buy some now. You’re welcome.

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