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Everything is awesome!

Everything is REALLY awesome when your dad is a creative-type who can make you this costume for Halloween:

Halloween 2014Ok, yes, little miss Charlotte is absolutely adorable in her fairy princess costume, but Riley as Emmet from the Lego Movie? Come on!

Derek created this costume using a whole lotta cardboard, colored duct tape, his graphic design skillz, some spray paint and a 5 gallon bucket (for the head). Amazing, right?

The whole time we were trick or treating we were getting comments that it was the best costume they’ve seen this year. Right? Right!


We adapted the pants for walking around trick or treating because there was NO WAY he could’ve walked the neighborhood in the cardboard ones. I had leftover orange felt from when he was a super hero a few years ago, so I just duct taped it to existing pants, easy peasy.


And let’s not forget about Char Char, who was all too happy to skip naptime and spend her afternoon with grandma in tow, walking the hood. She walked through every leaf pile, the grosser the better. She took a few breaks on the curb when she needed to and she totally weasled extra candy from people because she was just that cute.

I love Halloween!



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