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Thank You Pinterest

I am not one of those full-fledged Pinterest addicts, but I did get an awesome Christmas gift idea from it. Behold, the handprint Christmas tree of adorableness.

Ok, in all honesty, this one is semi-incomplete. This is the one I kept for myself because I didn’t buy enough glittery gold bows for the tops of my trees. Oh well, you get the idea.

We had a fun, craftastic morning making these for the grandmas, an aunt and a great-aunt.

I’m not going to lie. This was nerve-wracking. I used acrylic paint that was not washable and I kept having visions of Riley hopping down from the chair and stamping his green handprint all over my walls. But he didn’t! Score!

We then used different colored paints to make lights, or ornaments, whatever you want to call them. He loved dipping his finger into the paint and poking the canvas wherever he pleased.

And the way he beamed when he saw the relatives open his paintings? Priceless.


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