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The Kitchen is Done, Dude!

Finally! I present to you, our finished kitchen. Cue the trumpets!



Let me remind you what we were dealing with:


And this:


Which is now this!


Opening up the wall between our kitchen and living room has made me happier than a hole in the wall should make anyone. I can see the kids when they’re playing in the living room. I can spy on them and know who stole what from whom and why. I can see people walking their dogs past our house while I’m making dinner. If someone didn’t pick up their dog’s poop, I could be over to the front door to yell at them in a flash. These are real benefits, people!

Check out the new fridge that I MAY have shed a tear or two whilst shopping for. Apparently when your fridge opening is 1 inch smaller than standard fridge size, the powers that be make you have a nervous breakdown until you find ONE fridge in the entire universe that will fit. ONE.


It’s been a few weeks since we completed the kitchen and some days I still can’t believe it’s ours. We’ve lived in this house for seven years, but this is actually the second kitchen remodel we did. When we moved in, we didn’t have the money to do a full remodel like we wanted to, so we just installed stock cabinets (which we actually kept for this remodel) and laminate counters and sticky tile floors. Remember?

Why yes, those cabinets are made of wood paneling. Thanks for asking.

Why yes, those cabinets are made of wood paneling. Thanks for asking.

It looked like a dungeon, with lots of wasted space. And now it’s just a distant memory.


I’m so in love with our back splash and the little shelf to hold my plants above the sink.

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Just about everything in this kitchen is from Hobo. The cabinets were purchased there 7 years ago, but we bought the large pantry and a few more base cabinets that worked with our new configuration. We were so lucky they still had the same cabinets available! The backsplash – Hobo. And expensive, but worth it, IMO. The counters are quartz and again, from Hobo. They were also expensive, but still cheaper professionally installed by Hobo than Home Depot, Lowe’s or Menards.

All the work was done by my husband. And no, you can’t have him. He’s all MINE!



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