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Riley’s Robot Party

For his 6th birthday (how is he THAT old??), Riley requested a robot party. And I was secretly pleased because I had been looking at cute robot party ideas on Pinterest and was happy I’d get to try some of them out. We decided to do a Friday night friend party at an indoor play place and then have a smaller family party on Saturday. Since I had to work all day Friday, I kept it simple with a few store-bought decorations (the horror!) and some cupcakes. Made from a box mix (NOOOOO!). That week was so crazy for me, I actually had to bake his birthday cupcakes over my lunch hour. This working mom thing is no joke.

But by Friday night, seeing the look on this little boy’s face made everything worth it.




It’s not a kid party if all the kids aren’t swarming around the gift opening.

He was so tired, he actually fell asleep in the car on the 10 minute drive home.

The family party arrived and I still had a lot to do. Like make the crown jewel of the party – the robot cake. I had found it on Pinterest, of course, and it actually didn’t take long at all. Like I probably frosted and decorated it within 30 minutes. Maybe less.

Riley played in his room while I worked in the kitchen and then I called him out to come take a look. I think he liked it.



Oh, that face….


The feet are leftover cupcakes from the party the night before. I found metallic sprinkles at Michaels and they came in gold, silver and black and I can’t wait to find more fun uses for them. The little colored robots are crayons that I ordered on Etsy and were the gift for Riley’s friends to take home from him party. Using mini-chocolate donuts, M&Ms, Oreos and a red sucker as a blinking light on top, this was one of the cutest and easiest cakes I’ve ever made.

IMG_9238One set of grandparents couldn’t make it to the party until later and after waiting what felt like forever, the birthday boy was a little restless. A quick Google search for robot party games led me to this. Using his grabber, we pretended it was a robot arm and had party-goers see who could pick up the robot crayons the fastest. Surprisingly entertaining, especially when we made everyone use their left hands.



His favorite gift from this party was a Disney Parks K’nex set of his beloved Dumbo ride. My mom found this on Amazon and I didn’t even know it existed. It has a working motor and little tourists that can go in the ride. This little boy was very happy.

All in all, a great 6th birthday party for my big man!




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Charlotte’s 2nd Birthday – A Horse Party

When it came time to come up with a theme for Char Char’s 2nd birthday, it was a pretty easy decision. This girl is obsessed with horses. Neigh neighs as she insists on calling them.

Thanks to some Pinterest and a little craftiness on my part, I was so happy with the way everything turned out. An outdoor backyard birthday party is exactly what I had in mind when I insisted on giving birth in the summer. You think I’m joking? Nope. I did the math. Ha!

Here’s how the party came together, in pictures.


My dad of all people, a retired cop, is amazing at cake decorating. As in, he made my wedding cake. Today he makes his grandchildren’s birthday cakes. When I told him it was a neigh neigh party, he and my mom came up with the idea of making a two-tiered carousel cake for Charlotte. IMG_8406

Amazing, right? What a grandpa!


I googled horse cookies and found these online. They could not have been simpler. As in, I could whip them up on a random Wednesday night. And I would if I were Super Mom.

Nutter Butters, cashew pieces for ears, googly-eyed candies from Michaels and Wilton Cookie Decorator Icing. That’s it!


For the birthday girl’s birthday outfit, I decided to go completely DIY. In the past, I’ve purchased Etsy-created shirts personalized for the birthday kid, but honestly, the only time the kid wears the shirt is on their birthday. Waste of $25 if you ask me. So, I bought an iron on horse patch and affixed it to a onesie already in Char’s closet. Then I watched this You Tube video of how to easily create a DIY tutu. $35 on Etsy? Nope, I’ll make it myself for about $5 at 9:30 the night before the party. Which I did. IMG_8432

Yes, the food was set up in our cluttered garage, but I did my best to keep it festive. Not bad, eh?


One of my favorite moments was when my dad and I first showed Charlotte her cake. At first she delicately touched the frosting with her finger. And then? And then she dove in fast first. Literally. See above. I tried to stop her, but my dad smartly told me to just let her go for it. So I did and it was awesome.


It’s hard to tell in this picture, but while everyone sang happy birthday to her, it seemed to suddenly sink in that this party, and allllllll this, was for her. She just looked around the cluttered garage at the family and friends who love her more than her 2 year-old little mind can even comprehend and just smiled shyly in amazement. This was my favorite part of the day.



And when she unwrapped the gift from her brother? The stuffed horse that he, unprompted, took off the shelf in his bedroom and proclaimed that he wanted to wrap and gift to her? Well, I would say this picture of her appreciation speaks for itself.

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