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The Pregnancy Cold…and a PSA

I’m currently at the tail end of my first cold of this pregnancy. And hopefully the last cold of this pregnancy. By Sunday, I thought my head was going to explode into a ball of sneezy snot. I used some of my precious PTO to stay home from work on Monday. I worked from home half of the day on Tuesday (and um….fell asleep for a bit during that time. I couldn’t help it!). 

Even though I’m only 19 weeks along, sleep has already been kind of hard. I wake up during the night with whatever hip I’m laying on asleep and tingling. Pair that with a nasty cold and sleep was not a pleasant experience for this entire week. Being sick sucks. Being sick while pregnant when you can’t take Nyquil, Sudaphed or any other aweome medication and it really blows. 

Which leads me to a Public Service Announcement:

People, please. If you are sick, STAY HOME FROM WORK. We all know you’re a dedicated employee. But seriously, why do you insist on coming to work while you sneeze, cough and blow your nose all over the office, and INFECT YOUR CO-WORKERS?!?!?! Stay home! (Especially at my job when we all work on laptops and can access our server literally anywhere.) Thank you for listening. And stay off my lawn!


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