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Summer of Sickness

Summer is supposed to be all fun, carefree and warm weather, right? Well, it has yet to reach 90 degrees here in Wisconsin this summer, and for the last six weeks my family has been sick off and on. No bueno.

It all started when Riley started his summer program at the 3K preschool he attended two years ago. He went for summer program last year and loved it. It was three mornings a week of playing on the playground, painting, building with Legos and swimming in the kiddie pool. This year it included all the same things but it also included his first ever case of strep throat and two of the worst colds of his entire life. And that was just within the first month. Seriously. Look.


So in the course of 6 weeks, here’s what happened:

  • Between the 2 kids we had 5 visits to the doctor
  • Riley had 3 strep throat tests and Charlotte had 1
  • I used 1 day of PTO because I was sooooo sick I literally couldn’t function.
  • Riley went through 2 boxes of Kleenex in 1 day
  • Charlotte had a fever for 4 straight days and was given antibiotics
  • Riley had 2 separate bouts of vomiting
  • I missed 2 weeks of my half marathon training because this cold just wouldn’t let me go. I’m still optimistic that I’ll reach my goal of breaking 2 hours in a half marathon, but who knows.

Since he was perfectly healthy in June before starting summer program, we couldn’t help but make the connection between the bad bugs and summer program. So we made the mutual decision to cancel his month of August in summer program. It’s August 15 and he’s only been there once this month, so really, what’s the point. I’m sad that he had to leave early, but school starts in 2 weeks and he needs to be healthy. I’m hopeful that the 5K school he will attend (different from this summer program) won’t have the same germs and we’ll be relatively healthy this fall.

Fingers crossed!




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